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Visit to Havana, Cuba

Sitting pretty is the largest and most vivacious city in the Caribbean; Havana’s infectious energy and romantic atmosphere are the stuff of legend. Where else can you find revolutionary sloganeering drowned by all-night parties, ration shops next to sixteenth century Spanish colonial palaces, and vintage American cars running on Russian engines?

Habaneros as the locals here are called love their city, and it is easy to see why. In the midst of warm Caribbean crystalline water, more than 500 years of history has conspired to create culturally unique and electric societies in Latin America. Recently, friends of mine who run Zone Garage Saskatchewan took a trip down to Cuba and had great things to say about their visit to Havana. From stomping ground for pirates to serving as a slave port for the colonial masters, and a gambling haven for North American Mafia, Havana has survived virtually everything thrown at it and still found some time to innovate. Here are the top must-see attractions in Havana, Cuba.

Farmer’s Market
There are two economies in Cuba the dollar economy for tourists and the peso economy for locals. To experience Cuba as the Cubans do head to a farmer’s market and spend some pesos. Unlike most city markets which import food from the countryside, most of the food on sale is grown in Havana’s urban gardens and because of the cost of importing pesticides, it’s all totally organic and delicious.

At the forefront of modern Latino culture, Havana has spawned Cohiba cigars, club rum, salsa and Mambo, so remember to bring your dancing shoes on your trip. Havana’s answer to up to 50 years of political isolation is to shake its thing every night in the rum-soaked clubs and bars. Impeccably dressed and preened to the nine, habaneros sashay their way from one party to another. It is such a timeless scene of unbridled revelry.

Santeria Tambor
Havana’s earthy authenticity is its greatest attraction, this is not a cynically concocted amusement park or a trussed-up tourist resort. Just walk the mildewed neighborhoods and follow your ears. At Santeria Tambor, initiates practice the drumming rhythms and dances that are used in authentic sensitive rituals. Drums are used in Santeria rituals to invite “Orishas” which are spirits who possess individuals. the individuals then speak and act as an Oracle for the divinity invoked.

Lenin Park
When the city dwellers want to escape the urban sprawl, they head to Lenin Park to witness pure Cuban rodeo. The atmosphere at this event is alive and kicking, all its dusty socialist glory as locals watch performances and cheer for their favorite Latino cowboy.

Although 50 years of socialism has taken its toll on this city’s fragile economic and social fabric, the habaneros indomitable spirit is a constant source of inspiration. In a society that invented steaks made from grapefruit skin, stretch Ladas, and camel buses, survival is this city’s second name.

Denver Travel Guide

Denver is the capital of Colorado, shadowed by the Rocky Mountains and rises from the western edge of America’s high plains. This city sprang up because of the discovery of some flakes of gold in 1858. However, the gold wasn’t enough around Denver but the riches of this city lie in its mountains. Thanks partly to its incredible weather; this city has continued to grow. Denver enjoys up to 300 days of sunshine every year which is even more than Miami. Here are the top attractions in Denver, Colorado.

Golden Triangle

This is just a bus ride or an easy walk from Denver’s modern downtown. It is an area filled with public art, museums, and civic architecture. You can climb the stairs to the capital building and when at the 13th step you will be exactly one mile above the sea level.

Denver Art Museum

You can also spend some time at the Denver Art Museum which celebrates this region’s people and landscapes. This museum houses more than 18,000 Native American treasures. This makes it an important First Nations Collection Center.

Denver Children Museum

The Denver Children Museum is close to the Golden Triangle. Here, your children can climb aboard a fire truck, explore nature, and discover the world of kinetics.

Botanical Garden

At the Butterfly Pavilion and Botanical Garden, there are several other attractions you must explore while in the city. Denverites enjoy the great outdoors and they believe that animals should too. Visitors to this place can feel at home regardless of the weather because they have pioneered the use of natural habitats.

Denver Museum of Science and Nature

Here you can discover the prehistoric past of this great city. If you want to walk in the footsteps of giants, you can go to the Triceratops trail at dinosaur ridges. You will also uncover the Morrison fossil area on Denver’s western outskirts. It is one of the most extensive fossil site and dinosaur tracks in the world


Golden is a historic mining town. The Buffalo Bill Museum is specially dedicated to America’s greatest Wild West Shoe Man’s life and times. Sitting high on a ridge is his final resting place. Here you will find the winds whistling through the Ponderosa Pines. You can peep into the lives of pioneers who carved out the snow drifts, shadows, and life if the Great Divide. You will also find the Colorado Railroad Museum in Golden. This place helps to maintain the locomotive cabooses and cars that once traversed this region’s mountain passes and high plains.

Red Rocks

Another must-see attraction in Denver is the Red Rocks which is a beautiful amphitheater. You can time your visit to when one of the many shows will go live here. Many great artists have performed here including U2 and the Beatles.

Coors Brewery

If all the history and sightseeing builds up a thirst, you don’t have to worry as Denver is popular for its beer. You can explore the Coors brewery before exploring the other microbreweries and brewpubs in this region.

Garden of the God’s

These are ancient sandstone formations just over an hour’s drive from the south of the city. This has been attracting dreamers and travelers for several years.

Manitou Springs

Here you can drive to Pikes Peak, catch the Cog Railway, or hike if the weather permits. Colorado’s real high country begins here. Make sure you keep an eye out for the legendary Bigfoot or try your hands at prospecting.

Living close to nature’s majesty can help you keep things in perspective. So if you are looking for a destination with clear mountain air and the best of a big city comfort, Denver is a perfect option.